Self-Healing in Web Services Using Genetic Algorithm

Faezeh Yousefian, Eslam Nazemi


In addition to monitoring, analysis, plan and execution phases in self-healing cycle, represents the knowledge base consumed and produced by all four previously mentioned tasks. In proposed approach, by using genetic algorithm, the required knowledge is prepared for healing operation. Healing operation takes place when the response time of the web service exceeds its threshold. In this case, using genetic algorithm, healing sequence is created to save response time and even to reach optimum state. Healing sequence causes the transition of service oriented systems from degraded state to healthy state as well as healing the error in web service and in this case lost time is recovered. To make healing sequence, healing approaches such as substitution, replication and skip is used which not only prevents process operation to be in no-response state but also results in optimization of response time. To provide healing sequence, execution of proposed plan benefits from consequent web services and is able to reduce response time and show the saved time.


Keywords: Self-Healing, Web Service, Response Time, QoS


Self-Healing; Web Service; Response Time; QoS

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