Vol 2, No 4 (2015)


Table of Contents


Simulation of Class Based Weighted Fair Queue Algorithm on an IP Router Using OPNET Abstract PDF
Idris Zakariyya, M Nordin A Rahman 1-5
Prioritizing Critical Factors to Successful Adoption of Total Hospital Information System Abstract PDF
Hossein Ahmadi, Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Othman Ibrahim 6-16
Successful Enterprise Resource Planning Post-Implementation: Contributions of Technological Factors Abstract PDF
Ehsan Kish Hazrat Soltan, Ahmad Jusoh, Abbas Mardani, Mahdi Mohammad Bagheri 17-25
Iris Recognition System based on Canny and LoG Edge Detection Methods Abstract PDF
Neda Ahmadi, Gholamreza Akbarizadeh 26-30
PID Controller Optimization for Rotational Inverted Pendulum System Using Particle ‎Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution Algorithms ‎ Abstract PDF
Elham Yazdani Bejarbaneh 31-41
Similarity Measure of Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets of Root Type in Decision Making Abstract PDF
S.Anita Shanthi, J.Vadivel Naidu 42-47