Vol 2, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Trade-off Analysis for Multi-Objective Aggregate Production Planning Abstract PDF
Navid Mortezaei, Norzima Zulkifli, Mehrbakhsh Nilashi 1-4
Modelling Multi-mode Transportation Networks in Kuala Lumpur Abstract PDF
Muhammad Azizol Ismail, Mohamad Nor Said 5-10
Cloud Computing Adoption Behaviour: an Application of the Technology Acceptance Model Abstract PDF
Elaheh Yadegaridehkordi, Noorminshah A.Iahad, Shahla Asadi 11-16
A New Intelligent Approach to Aircrafts Take-off/Landing Planning at Congested Single Runway Airports Abstract PDF
Kazem Dastgerdi, Nasser Mehrshad, Mohsen Farshad 17-25
Investigating a New Framework for Hospital Information System Adoption: A Case on Malaysia Abstract PDF
Hossein Ahmadi, Othman Ibrahim, Mehrbakhsh Nilashi 26-33