Encryption and Decryption Analysis of the RSA Digital Signature Based on MD5 and SHA Hash Functions Using Strong Prime

Abdelmajid Hassan Mansour


RSA digital signature is the most common public key crypto system that used widely on data security. The encryption and decryption time computation of the signature generation and verification is still a big problem an important issue that challenging the RSA security. This paper analyses the encryption and decryption time of the RSA Digital Signature based on the hash functions MD5, SHA-160, SHA-256, and SHA-512. The private key and public key of the RSA generated by using the “Strong prime”, then compare it with the original RSA method. The main goal of the proposed scheme is to optimize and speed up the process of encrypting and decrypting time on a variable length of message, and different hash functions. This will overcome the problem of processing time and computational overheads of the RSA digital signature system. 


RSA digital signature, Private key, Public key, Encryption, Decryption, Strong prime, Hash function, Message digest.

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