Multi-Point Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Solving Truck and Trailer Routing Problem with Stochastic Travel and Service Time

Seyedmehdi Mirmohammadsadeghi, S. Maryam Masoumik, Somaieh Alavi


The truck and trailer routing problem with stochastic travel and service time (TTRPSTT) is a development model of the truck and trailer routing problem (TTRP). In this case, travel and service times between customers are considered stochastic. Many researchers considered TTRP with deterministic parameters, but in real-life due to traffic congestion, different weather conditions, level of driver’s skills may be influenced by distribution technology, often travel and service times are not really deterministic between two customers and normally follow stochastic distributions. Therefore, TTRPSTT has practical significance. TTRP has been solved by different algorithms but TTRPSTT has not been addressed yet. Here multi-point simulated annealing (M-SA) is applied to solve the TTRPSTT. Forty-eight instance problems have been modified for this case and solved by using this algorithm. The purpose of the paper is to introduce and solve TTRPSTT in a reasonable time by the simulated annealing algorithm. Also, the paper gives some suggestions for further researches.


Stochastic travel and service time, Trailer routing problem, Multi-point simulated annealing, Customers

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